Dear friends,

by now we got used to city life again and enjoy it to spend as much time as possible outdoors. We walk the streets, parks and the beach for hours each and every day and I start wondering how it will feel being back in an office again…

One of our walks led us to to the Carreter de les Aiguës

Carreterra de las Aiguës -1

Carreterra de las Aiguës -1

Entrance into Carreterra de les Aiguës

Entrance into Carreterra de les Aiguës

– a stretch of 9 kilometers which follows the mountain Tibidabo in a relatively flat way. Throughout the walk there are wonderful views onto Barcelona and the sea – it is really worth a visit. Only the entrances into the Carreterra de les Aiguës are rather under-developed – hardly recognisable. That is especially surprising as the trail is heavily used by joggers, cyclists and hikers. But probably it’s only that us people from Northern Europe are being complicated in this case…



View to Tibidabo from Funicular

View to Tibidabo from Funicular

We meet our friends here very often over lunch. They keep their agendas at work free for a while and we can catch up for a few hours. Even though that might not seem much – it is a very intense time we spend together. And this time we can even see some of them more than once – what a privilege! But I admit that when we bumped into 2 ex-colleagues from Deutsche Bank (which I left 11 years ago! ) in a small bar/restaurant in Gracia called “Gata Mala” it was a moment when many of us were quite speechless…!

The weekend we went to Montserrat and Sitges with a rented car. Our initial idea to drive along part of Costa Brava in order to repeat some of the nicest streches of the bicycle tour by car turned out too ambitious – it would have been all in all too much driving. It has to be another time 🙂

So it is good bye from us for now, “Good Bye”

Claudia & Olli

P.S: Special thanks to Toni for giving me his FC Barcelona “Carnets” which allowed me to watch a match from a superb location in Camp Nou! I enjoyed it very much!

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