Leg 20 & 21: Indulgence-Rides through Rouissillion

Dear Friends,

our last 2 stages have presented the South of France in all its beauty. We have enormously enjoyed the cycling which might mean as well that we eventually got used to the sometimes slightly imperfect road surfaces (if there is a surface to speak of) and that we have to stop rather a lot now to double check the route. In addition to the map we keep looking into an offline-App for French cycling routes and Google-Maps to keep us on track. Leg 20 went from Sete to Gruissan. A lovely, peaceful stage which allowed us to get over the pain of leaving Chez Francois….



Gruissan Village live

Gruissan Village live

Gruissan is a pretty and charming little town. I fell hopelessly in love with its surrrounding landscape (direction Port la Nouvelle) which we crossed on the morning of stage 21. On the horizon the Pyrenees, the marshes and brilliant cycling roads – what an indulgance! I did not want to leave.

Between Gruissan and Port la Nouvelle

Between Gruissan and Port la Nouvelle

Beautiful bike road after Port la Nouvelle

Beautiful bike road after Port la Nouvelle

Behind Port la Nouvelle we found ourselves in a road closure: they were filming for a movie. The friendly security guard asked us to be fast to do the closed strech. “Well” he said when looking at the bikes and the full panniers “as fast as you can…” And so it came that we had the street we thought might be the busiest of our leg all to ourselves.

All day the Pyrenees came closer bit by bit and and reminded us that tomorrow we will have the first of our two mountain stages. We will try to cross them with as little inclination as possible following the coast – we will see how that will feel in real live. But as our legs have improved a lot by now the feeling of panic when thinking about the Pyrenees has vanished. What we feel now is respect – which seems adequate, somehow. It will work out somehow!

So tomorrow we will be in Catalunya and this is the last blog from France from this journey. So it is Au revoir from us from here and it will chant Benvinguts fromCatalunya tomorrow!

Claudia & Olli

3 thoughts on “Leg 20 & 21: Indulgence-Rides through Rouissillion

  1. Hello Claudia, hello Ollie,
    Pyrenees/Catalunya is simply beautiful. I had a wonderful time there two years ago – the people, landscape, heritage and food are sublime. I had the opportunity to cook boudin noir with the local traiteur, who also happened to be the mayor, in a remote town in the Pyrenees, plus lots of other memorable experiences!.
    Proud/somewhat envious of you both, and feeling slightly smug that I know two awesome people who dared to realise their dream.
    I don’t think that reading your blog at the end of each day equates in any way to the effort you must be expending.
    Keep going – in a slightly weird way, I don’t want you to stop – I think I’ll feel really happy, but at the same time sad, when you reach Barcelona. Perhaps you should keep heading south?
    Keep up the good work…
    Seriously – this/you is/are awesome.


    • Dear Brian,
      thank you so much for your feedback – how wonderful! I envy you for the cooking experience but would volunteer any time to try out what you have learnt 🙂
      Like you I love the Catalan landscapre, people and heritage. Whenever I am in the region I feel happy and at home.
      Thanks again for your kind feedback – and I hope to see you again soon!
      xxx Claudia


  2. Hi Olli and Claudia,

    I really enjoy reading about your cycling trip from Bonn to Barcelona, hope you guys are ok and i look forward to your next update.

    Take care and miss you guys.



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